Preparation Advice

1. Prepare your Surface

We recommend a flat concrete base which is 10-15 cm deep, please remember the dry weight of an average hot tub design is 350 to 500 KG and therefore after water, the weight will be near to 2 tones.

Recently there has been strong improvement in materials such as composite decking, so please check with your material supplier before using this idea as a base.

2. Prepare your Electrical Supply

Our range consists of both 32amp & 13amp models.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

3. Location of your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are extremely heavy, especially when they are filled with water.

We advise to strongly consider the placement of your hot tub prior to delivery. Think of it as an extension on to your house, being permanent.

4. Gazebo/Overhead Sheltering

We strongly advise getting your new hot tub installed prior to placing gazebo's/overhead shelters. This is so the nature of our install team unfortunately not being able to fit the hot tub under the shelter.

Depending on the dimensions of your selected hot tub, it could be possible.

If you're unsure, please give us a call on 01324 430061.

5. Try to Keep Clear Access to Cabinets

When positioning your tub, please make sure that your hot tub will have clear access (if possible) to all 4 sides so that the cabinets can be accessed.

If your project includes raised decking or a lowered look, please do consider the worst case scenario's where access to certain cabinets may be necessary years down the line. 

6. Be sure there is access for delivery

You will be asked to send photos of the passage that our install team will have to complete with a hot tub in mind. 

Making sure there aren't any obstructions that could risk the job being incomplete will ensure there will be no problems during the installation process. 

If access is tight and your hot tub will need lifted in via crane, please call us on 01324 430061 and we can organize alternatives to getting your hot tub in place.

7. Chose the right Hot Tub that suits your needs.

1. Size - Be sure your chosen hot tub is the correct size for you and your location.

2. Seats - How many users are going to be using the hot tub?

3. Loungers - We have different models that have the option of having 2 loungers designed into your hot tub.

4. Hydrotherapy Jets - Depending on the amount of jets and pump size, each hot tub will have a different rate of HP to support them.

5. Media/Lighting - Depending on what hot tub you've selected, it will either have Bluetooth capability  or AUX cord capability to listen to your tunes while you relax.


Also different models have variations of lighting configurations. These could be perimeter, underwater, cupholder, fountain or water fall lighting.

6. Water Features - We have models that feature water falls, numerous fountains and pop-up water displays. All to be considered.

7. Colour - Many of our Hot Tub's comes in a variation of colours along with cabinet colours. Be sure to look at your options for your specific model.