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1. Keep The Water Clean & Clear

This is done by being aware of the hazards which can make the water turn cloudy or effect the chemical balance of the hot tub.

  • moisturizers

  • perfumes and aftershaves

  • fake tan

  • detergents left in bathing costumes

  • deodorants

  • make up

  • soap & shampoo

 Weekly shocking & maintenance tasks is both beneficial and easy. 

2. Shower Before Entering The Spa

Showering before entering the hot tub is recommended.

This will remove any dirt, sweat, make up, creams etc. from the skin which would only settle in the water.

When entering the water with make up, creams or hair products, this runs the risk of cloudy & foamy water.

3. Check & Clean the Filters Regularly

Filters are easy to remove and cleaning takes only a few minutes. Also with a cloth always wipe away any build up around the sides of the hot tub and behind headrests regularly.

Products such as filter cleaner helps to keep filters clean & its also a good idea to buy a spare filter and rotate them to keep the hot tub fresh as well as give longevity to the filters.

4. Remove Headrests

The chemicals in a hot tub can erode the head rests if not removed & kept underneath the spa cover.

5. Use the Economy & Sleep Modes Available on the Hut Tub System

All our hot tubs are equipped with modes to protect the hot tub & your pocket so please take advantage and use the modes available.

When the hot tub is in use, you need the hot tub functioning, but when not in use the economy and sleep modes are there to protect the hot tub and also get the running costs down.

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