Each individual person has a different image on how they are going to landscape their gardens around the brand new hot tub, and we have some of our buyers designs across at TheHotTubSupercentre reviews page.

A common project for customers is to lower the hot tub into the ground so that it has a sunken look. This idea has an attractive look but there are a lot of details to consider so that this project won't just be attractive but be practical in the long term use of your hot tub. 

We've designed this pointers and advice page to help you prepare for your successful sunken hot tub project.​

Hot Tub Sinking Advice


Be sure to know the dimensions of your hot tub, ( length, width & depth ). These can be found on the product page of each hot tub within the "Spec" section.

Power Point & Drain Location

Be sure to check where the power and drainage points are on your specific hot tub, as this is important for the installation team to connect the power cable. As well knowing where your water will drain when emptying.

If you are considering sinking your hot tub and you would like to find out where these are before installation, give us a call.

Access for Service & Maintenance

Be sure to make the space/hole have space on all four sides so there is access for service and maintenance for the future, this is extremely important.

A space big enough for a person to manage to remove the side cabinet and work under the hot tub if any problems where to occur in the future.

Lifting Straps

Probably some of the best advice for sinking your hot tub is that you should use heavy thick duty lifting straps under your hot tub to help lift the hot tub if required at a later date. This can also help when lowering the hot tub into the space where you want it placed.

Surface Materials

Do not cement over the hot tub once it's been lowered, the recommended design for a sunken hot tub is a removable decking that can be easily dismantled for each access to the hot tubs cabinets etc.

Audio & Speaker Positions

Depending on your chosen hot tub, you could have speakers placed on the inside, top or side of the tub. 

On certain tubs there are Bluetooth capabilities and others are AUX controlled which are designed onto the side of the cabinets, so ensure you still have access with this when designing your project.

So be sure to not cover any speakers as this will significantly distort 


Don't just think for the present, but think for the future so that your hot tub can be practical and attractive.